How To Apply for Commercial Real Estate Loans

A commercial real estate loan is a powerful tool for building your business and boosting your brand recognition. This type of financing gives your business the capital required for any time of construction or building modification required for growth.

  • Purchasing an existing building
  • Constructing a new headquarters
  • Building storage or manufacturing facilities
  • Updating the interior of commercial locations
  • Renovation or expansion of company buildings

Commercial real estate is valuable for boosting profits. For example, a beautiful office can put people at ease and make it more likely for you to attract new clients. A larger manufacturing space with updated machinery allows you to increase production efficiency. How can you apply for commercial real estate loans to make this kind of growth into reality?

How To Apply for Small Business Administration Loans

SBA loans can be valuable for commercial development projects because they have low-interest rates and comfortable terms designed to help your business flourish. To qualify, first, you need to show that your company fits the SBA’s definition of a small business. This means meeting certain net worth limits, having a specific number of employees and enjoying great credit. Business owners can’t have current government-backed loans without repayment, such as student loans.

At the moment of applying, you need to submit your loan application to the corresponding CDC or approved financial institution. You also need personal financial statements, financial records for the business, income tax returns and any applicable purchase agreements.

How To Apply for a Commercial Real Estate Loan From a Bank

Commercial loans for real estate purchases are term loans that provide business owners with capital. They have higher interest rates than SBA loans because lenders assume greater risks. However, commercial loans are still long-term financing, so owners have a long time to pay the loan back.

What does your business need to qualify? Similar to SBA loans, banks require your financial records, credit history, tax returns, and numerous other business statements. They want to see things such as positive cash flow, current assets, and profit and loss statements. A good credit rating is key for approval.

Choosing the Right Type of Financing for Your Business

There are many solutions that can help you secure the capital needed for business expansion. If term loan approval is taking too long, there are short-term options such as bridge loans that can help you buy real estate quickly. It can take some effort to qualify for SBA loans, bank loans, and bridge loans, but the financial benefits that come from having your own commercial property are worth it.


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