Equipment Financing and Leasing to get Your Company Working

Expanding your business means being able to cater to your customers’ needs without worry. To do that, you need the tools and machines that provide you with the ability to do the work that those customers need, and that means that when you are looking to expand and offer new services, your financing determines your success. Financial First Solutions, LLC understands that as well as our clients do, which is why we offer such a broad range of equipment financing and leasing options, in three convenient price tiers.

Financing Tiers

  • Up to $150,000 is available without a full financial statement.
  • $150,000 to $500,000 is available to companies with full statements
  • With a qualifying annual income, over $500,000 may be available

Regardless of the size of your purchase, you can look forward to terms that go as long as 84 months, with a variety of choices when it comes to repayment structures.

Startup Program

Sometimes, accessing financing is difficult for companies that have been operating for two years or less, which is why we have put together a startup program designed to help. Learn when equipment leasing is an option and what else we can do to help you get working.


When you need to free up equity and you have equipment on hand that you own outright, selling them with an agreement to lease back can provide you with the working capital you need to tackle your next challenge and keep your company growing.

B, C, and D Credits

In today’s competitive environment, even established companies frequently need to restructure to keep themselves competitive in the market. When that is happening to your business, our B, C, and D credit program is there to keep you moving forward, so you can reach a sustainable new position in your market.

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